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As the number one source for professional window tinting in the Oakland area, the Oakland Window Film team is proud to serve both commercial and residential clients of all types. From large scale projects to small renovations, our experienced team has helped businesses in Oakland, Union City and Alameda and beyond find the window film solution that’s right for them.

With over a decade of experience in the window tinting industry, we are highly qualified to handle any job. We’re eager to learn more about your window tinting needs and find out how we can best support you. Whether you’re looking for an energy efficient window film for your home, privacy film for your office, or something different, we’ll help you find the right option to achieve your goals.

Want to learn more? Please give our experienced team a call to receive an estimate on window tinting for your Oakland home, office, or commercial property. We are ready to schedule an appointment for a free consultation with you today. Oakland Window Film is honored to be the trusted window film company serving the Oakland area.

Why window tinting?

Not only does window tinting provide an easy, affordable and cost-effective way to upgrade window performance, but it can enhance the appearance and improve the energy efficiency of your building. Glass replacement is expensive, time consuming and can also require structural changes. Our window tinting solutions offer budget friendly alternatives to window replacement and can be just as effective! Window tint is also a very versatile and durable solution because it can be used for a variety of purposes such as: security, climate control, decoration, and UV protection.




Rooms that require a high level of seclusion and privacy, such as private offices, conference rooms, restroom/shower areas, and waiting rooms, are perfect examples of areas that can benefit from window tint. Oakland Window Film offers a wide range of affordable and aesthetically pleasing privacy window tint styles

Whether you’re looking to add privacy to your home, office building, hotel, hospital, or retail location, we’ve got the perfect privacy film waiting for you! Explore stunning styles of decorative, frosted, dual reflective, and one-way visibility films when you book your consultation today.

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Glare Reduction

Make watching TV and working on the computer more comfortable, enjoyable, and productive by tinting your windows. Window tint blocks solar glare and bright light, which helps prevent uncomfortable eye strain.

By eliminating glare, window film eliminates distractions that can reduce energy levels and productivity at home and in the workplace. Just imagine—you can have a glare-free space without having to get up and tend to the blinds a million times a day!

Whether you’re looking for a glare-reducing film for your home office or something that can be used for your entire commercial property’s exterior, we have the perfect fit. Choose from dozens of styles from industry-leading brands like Vista, 3M, LLumar, and more!

Learn more about window film for glare reduction.


Energy Savings

Did you know that window tinting can save your home or business up to 30% on energy costs each year? Window tint utilizes spectrally selective technology and heat-blocking ceramic and metal particles to filter light and reject infrared heat and harmful UV rays.

By keeping heat in place, window film prevents HVAC equipment from working overtime. This saves money because it reduces energy usage and prevents you from having to replace the equipment prematurely due to overuse. Over the years, you could save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars from one simple application.

At Oakland Window Film, we carry various energy-efficient window films for our customers to choose from. Keep your windows as they are by selecting a transparent window film, or have fun experimenting with different styles with one of our many tinted, reflective, or decorative options.

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UV Protection

Keep your furniture, flooring, art, and valuables looking newer for longer by tinting the windows in your home or office. By blocking out 99.9% of UV rays, window tint helps prevent colors from fading in fabrics and keeps wood panels from cracking, splitting, and warping from heat damage.

UV protection window film is one of the most effective ways to protect your personal belongings and your physical health. It eliminates most of the ultraviolet radiation that usually comes in through your windows so that you won’t be exposed to it nearly as much as before. This can extend the lifetime of your furniture by years and also help you avoid serious health issues.

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Our wide selection of anti-graffiti window films can help protect everything from elevators to bathroom mirrors and metal signs from damaging graffiti and vandalism. These highly effective and protective films can help your business save money on costly repairs by discreetly covering up things like scratches, markers, paint, and etching.

Choose the best finish that matches your wall or furniture, and we’ll take care of the rest! The film will be installed directly on the damage-prone area, protecting it from whatever threat comes its way. The result is a surface that looks brand new without needing to be replaced and lasts for an extended period.

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Decorative & Promotional

Let our team help you turn ordinary glass into a beautiful work of art with decorative window film. Decorative window film is the ultimate way to add style to your space and give it a unique, modern look. The design options are truly endless, and the results are gorgeous!

Decorative window films can be custom-made to help your home or business add color and privacy to interior or exterior surfaces. Our films can be printed with almost any graphic, logo, color, or texture, providing you with a unique and creative way to update your home or business.

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Ballistic Resistance

Unfortunately, standard security equipment can no longer be relied on safely. In today’s world, Schools, office buildings, and commercial properties need an advanced level of security to protect occupants from potential disasters. Our ballistic-resistant window film systems harness the power of nanotechnology to alter glass at the molecular level, making it safer, stronger, and more resistant to impact.

These window films are an excellent alternative to tempered and bulletproof glass. They cost a fraction of the price and are quickly installed because they can be cut to size instead of custom-manufacturing.

Oakland Window Film works with innovators like 3M, C-Bond, and SolarGard to bring you the best ballistic-resistant technology. Start exploring options for your building today.

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Bomb Blast Protection

Over the past decade, tremendous strides have been made in window tinting. Now, a whole new type of security window film is available that is stronger than any product that’s come before. These are called bomb blast protection window films.

As one of the most advanced security window films on today’s market, bomb blast window film systems provide a remarkable level of defense. They can absorb and deflect impact and prevent windows from breaking during a bombing. This mitigates interior damage and helps keep building occupants safe. They’re an excellent investment for buildings of all types, especially schools, government properties, banks, and airports.

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Exterior Refinishing

Keep your building safe, secure, and clean with exterior glass refinishing. An easy, cost-effective solution for concealing unsightly cracks, chips, and imperfections, window refinishing improves the look of your glass while also improving energy efficiency. With a straightforward application, properties are given new life and a stunning outward appearance that boosts brand credibility.

Oakland Window Film offers several commercial window films for exterior glass resurfacing. Please choose from one of our many beautiful reflective windows or opt for a custom movie printed with your brand colors or logo. Whichever option you choose, your property is bound to look stunning with its newly refinished exterior!

Learn more about exterior window refinishing with window film: 


Elevator Refinishing

Our team is eager to help you find an affordable and hassle-free solution to your elevator refinishing needs! Our window films make an excellent option for fixing up elevators that have been aesthetically damaged or need to be updated and given a more modern look.

By concealing scratches, dents, and marks, window film makes elevators look newer, cleaner, and safer. The best part is that it accomplishes all this without the cost of expensive repairs and replacement parts.

Learn more about elevator graffiti removal with Metal Shield:

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