3 Reasons Oakland Property Managers Should Consider Installing Bomb Blast Window Film

As a property manager, you may think that installing something as potent as bomb blast window film on your Oakland property is extreme– maybe it is time to think again.  There is little doubt that Oakland is not nearly as dangerous as it was 20 or even 10 years ago. It is truly a city on the rise and coming up fast. However, there is still a fair amount of crime and gang activity.  Beyond local crime, Oakland is still a prime target for terrorists too. As you know, these types of attack happen in and around large cities, making Oakland an attractive target. Additionally, terrorist attacks are often crimes of opportunity, carried out on the most unassuming and scantly protected cities– like Oakland.  By having bomb blast film installed on your Oakland property not only do you stay one step ahead of terror threats but threats right here in Oakland too.

Bomb Blast Window Film To Protect Against Bombs

From intentional bomb detonation to accidental explosions,   the risk of bomb damage to your Oakland building is very real.  Not only do they absolutely destroy the interior of your building, they also cause massive human casualties. While these types of attacks and even accidents are rare the fallout is horrible and something a building manager in Oakland should have contingencies for.  Bomb blast window film is greatly protected against these types of deadly events and vastly reduce glass-related injuries saving lives. Should a bomb or other blast occur safety & security films, namely bomb blast films, reduces the impact energy, help prevent glass shards from becoming projectiles and keep the recovery time for your property to get up back and running lower.

Bomb Blast Window Film To Protect Against Bullets

As you know,  bomb blast window film reduces the devastation associated with a bomb attack and/or another explosion.  Even more poignantly, it also stops bullets. Let’s face it, Oakland has had some issues in the past with gun violence.  Although it is getting better, safety and security film is still a very good idea to keep stray bullets from the outside or an all-out attack inside from hitting their mark.  It just makes sense for Oakland building owners and property owners that want to make sure they are keeping those inside their commercial investments safe.

Bomb Blast Window Film As A Tempered Glass Alternative

Safety and security film means exactly that–keeping people inside your Oakland building safe and secure.  Bomb blast window film work against bombs and bullet but also protects against natural disasters and accidents as well.    After windows and other glass fixtures are outfitted with bomb blast film the glass stays in place after any blow–flying debris or a falling person notwithstanding.   It acts much like tempered glass which is required in various spots of commercial buildings. This means safety and security film is a cost-effective alternative to tempered glass and tends to stay in place better, making it a fantastic workaround for what could be pricey upgrades to get your building into code.

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