Window Tinting for Oakland Venues, Arenas & Stadiums

The Oakland area is home to some of the best sports teams in the country. We are proud to serve this sports-loving community as the premier window tinting contractor in the Oakland area. Between arenas, stadiums and large venues, our experienced team can help you find the window tint solution you need. With over a decade of experience, our team will help you with everything from an energy saving window tint for your concert venue to a protective security window film for your sports stadium or arena.

Why window film for sports stadiums & arenas?

Window film can help address two major concerns most sports stadiums, venue, and arenas face: the need for high levels of security and extremely high energy costs. Since sports stadiums and arenas can hold tens of thousands of people, especially in a large city such as Oakland, it’s important to make security a priority. Our window film helps protects occupants from accidents, injuries, and blast-related events – making the arena safer for concert goers and sports fans alike.

In addition to making the venue safer, window film can help stadiums and arenas in the Oakland area save money on energy costs by rejecting excess solar heat and increasing HVAC efficiency – resulting in lower costs for you and a more comfortable environment for your patrons.


Window Tinting Benefits for Oakland Arenas

Not sure if window tinting is right for your venue? Oakland Window Film has solutions for arenas, stadiums and venue of all types and sizes such as large outdoor football stadiums and intimate concert venues. Some of the benefits you can expect include:

Increased Safety & Security: Make protecting your patrons from accidents and injury a priority by adding protective window film. Your stadium bathrooms, signs, and surfaces will also benefit with increased graffiti protection.

Decorative/promotional: Advertise upcoming events and promotions while improving your buildings aesthetics and decor with window film.

Energy efficiency: Keep your venues and arena comfortable for guests while enjoying substantial energy saving by increasing your HVAC’s efficiency.

Many other benefits: Still not convinced? UV protection, privacy, and exterior resurfacing are a few additional ways your stadium, venue or arena can benefit from window film.

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