Window Film for Oakland Hotels & Hospitality

The Oakland area is home to hundreds of great hotels and hospitality buildings. Oakland Window Film is proud to serve this growing industry with commercial window tinting services. Our window films can help improve the comfort, safety, and energy efficiency of hotels while improving the style and appearance of your property.  Our wide variety of window tinting options can help you create a more enjoyable experience for your guests by improving privacy and security while also helping you save money on heating and cooling costs. Interested in learning more? Call our knowledgeable team today!

How can my hotel benefit from window film?

One of the most sought-after benefits of window tinting for hotels in the Oakland area is solar control. By regulating the passage of heat through windows, and hotels have a lot of windows, our films are able to keep indoor temperatures more stable and comfortable. The result is an HVAC system that runs more effectively, a more energy efficient building and money saved on energy costs. Additionally, we have options that can also be used to increase privacy and security while also updating the look and feel of the property.


Still not sure if window tinting is right for your property? From bed and breakfasts to large resorts and motels, Oakland hotels of all sizes can enjoy these benefits:

  • Climate control: Prevent excess solar heat gain, increase HVAC efficiency and save your hotel money – all while keeping guests satisfied and comfortable.
  • Privacy & aesthetics: Not only can our window films make your hotel look beautiful, but it can help protect tenant privacy.
  • Safety: Keep your staff, guests, and visitors safe from accidents, intruders, and natural disasters with security window tinting.

Window Tinting Options for Hotels

By carrying an extensive variety of window films that are perfect for hotels and hospitality buildings, we are confident that we can help you achieve your goal. Some of our most popular options include:

Install Window Tint for Your Oakland Hotel 

Interested in getting started on your hotel renovations today? Call the experts at Oakland Window Film and take the next step toward installing window film in your hotel, motel, or hospitality building.

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