Window Film for Oakland Restaurants, Bars & Cafes

If you own a restaurant, bar or cafe in the Oakland area, Oakland Window Film is proud to offer you effective and affordable commercial window tinting services. It’s our goal to help you protect your property from crime and vandalism as well as help you regulate temperatures inside your restaurant. With over 10 years of experience in the window tinting industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you find the right window tinting solution for your business.

Why should I consider window tinting for my restaurant?

Oakland’s up-and-coming restaurant scene is quickly gaining national recognition. With the increased competition in the area, it’s important that your restaurant stands out from the rest while also minimizing expenses. In addition to having delicious food, diners expect the restaurants they visit to be comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and secure. We can help you check these boxes while keeping your operating and maintenance costs low.


Restaurant Window Film Benefits

Whether you own an upscale restaurant in downtown Oakland or a small diner on the outside of town, we are confident that your restaurant can benefit from window tinting. Oakland Window Film can improve your restaurant in a variety of ways by adding:

  • Energy efficiency: Interested in making your restaurant more comfortable for your guests while saving money on energy expenses? We thought so! Tinting the windows of your restaurant can help regulate temperatures resulting in smaller energy bills.
  • Safety/security: In addition to helping deter intruders and protects occupants and employees, our window films can help keep your restaurant bathrooms graffiti free.
  • Style/decor: Catch the eye of hungry passerby’s and attract new customers to your restaurant with our wide variety of decorative window tinting options.

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