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Window Tinting Benefits for Oakland

With an average of 260 sunny days per year, many say that Oakland has an ideal climate: warm summers and mild, damp winters. While this is great for residents who love spending time outdoors, it also means that Oakland buildings require heavy HVAC use which equates to large amounts of energy used for heating and cooling. In addition, Oakland residents and business owners experience a high level of property and violent crimes which is a cause of concern for many homes and businesses located near the downtown area. Oakland Window Film is proud to offer solutions to these issues and more with our wide variety of window tinting solutions. Not only are our window tinting options affordable and easy to install, but they can enhance the energy efficiency, security, and appearance of Oakland area homes and commercial properties. Plus, adding window film to your property has an average ROI of only three years and can last for up to ten years time!

Experience endless possibilities for your home, office, or business.

Not only can window tinting completely transform your building, but it can change the way you work and live. By enhancing the strength and energy efficiency of your windows, window tinting can help regulate temperatures while also improving the appearance of your building. With our wide selection of window tint options for your home, office, or commercial property, Oakland window film can help protect the people you care about while saving money on energy costs and making your space bright, comfortable, and welcoming.



Some things in life are meant to be kept private. For the areas of your home or business that require higher levels of privacy, window tinting can offer an affordable and cost-effective solution. Keep your property comfortable and confidential by adding window tint to specific rooms or areas. Because window films don’t block out light or distract from your building aesthetics, it’s aa highlybeneficial solution for:

  • Conference rooms & personal offices
  • Restroom & shower areas
  • Lobby & Waiting areas
  • Hospital rooms & hotel rooms
  • Street-facing windows & two-story homes

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Glare Reduction

Did you know that excessive glare can cause office employees to lose focus and become tired? Don’t let too much glare make it difficult for your employees to work on their computers or for you to watch TV from the comforts of home. Let Oakland Window Film help you find a glare reduction window tint for your property. Our wide variety of glare reduction window tints can eliminate unwanted glare on computers and TV screens – making your favorite screen viewing activities more enjoyable. We are confident that our glare reduction window tint can provide the following benefits to your home or office:

  • Reduction in glare by up to 78%
  • Better screen viewing from every angle
  • Increased productivity & focus
  • Decreased risk of eye strain

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Energy Savings

Energy costs are a growing concern for businesses and homeowners alike, especially for homes and buildings with single-pane windows. We have a solution for you. By improving window insulation and increasing HVAC efficiency, window tint can reduce energy costs by up to one-third annually. With our window tinting options, your home or office can benefit from the following:

  • Energy savings of up to 30% annually
  • Increased HVAC efficiency
  • Improved indoor comfort year round

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UV Protection

In a sunny city such as Oakland, high levels of sun exposure can create health risks as well as damage your furniture and valuables. In addition to contributing to various diseases, such as cancer, UV rays can cause premature fading in furniture, flooring, and fabrics. Window tinting is a simple solution that blocks out 99.9% of UV rays and provides the following additional benefits:

  • Extended lifetime for furniture, flooring & artwork
  • Protection from heat damage, fading & warping
  • Decreased chance of UV-related skin cancer, eye disease & other illnesses

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anti-graffiti-window-film-scratches Film in Oakland


Vandalism and graffiti are growing problems for many of Oakland’s oldest neighborhoods. Protect your Oakland home or business from vandalism with anti-graffiti films that help keep your property looking clean, safe, and classy. Our anti-graffiti films protect buildings from acts of vandalism and are helpful for a variety of applications, including:

  • Bathroom stalls & mirrors
  • Metal signage, maps & display cases
  • Elevators, escalators & stairways
  • Mass transit systems
  • Restaurants, hotels, retail & schools

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Decorative & Promotional

While window tinting provides practical solutions to problems like too much glare or unwanted graffiti, it can also be a fun, festive, and cost-effective way to decorate.  Custom signage, logos, and privacy to your home or business with our unique decorative window film options. So e of the most popular decorative film styles include:

  • Frosted, textured & patterned
  • Custom graphic film
  • Building wraps & dichroic film
  • Many other stylish options

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Ballistic Resistance

Our ballistic-resistant window films can help protect your property against ballistic forces. By utilizing the power of nanotechnology, ballistic-resistant window films offer an advanced level of security by strengthening glass at the molecular level. These highly durable window film systems are comprised of a series of security window films layered with a special bonding agent – helping windows withstand extreme and potentially devastating forces, including:

  • Rocks, golf balls & flying debris
  • High-speed winds up to 140 mph
  • Hammer blows
  • Gunshots, bomb blasts & IEDS
  • Severe weather, natural disasters & more

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Broken shop window Film in Oakland

Bomb Blast Protection:

Are you confident that your home, office, business, and people and things you care about will be safe during an emergency? We can help. Bomb blast protection window films help mitigate the damage caused by explosions and can help protect occupants from broken glass. Additional benefits of our security window systems include:

  • Reduced risks of glass-related injuries
  • Tear resistance that holds broken glass in place
  • Shorter downtime period after an event
  • Protection from accidental explosions & violent attacks

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Exterior Refinishing

Don’t let unsightly chips and cracks in your windows make your business look unclean and unsafe. These pesky little problems can also cause energy loss due to a lack of insulation. For just a fraction of the cost of glass window replacement, our exterior window tint offers a cost-effective solution for refinishing exterior surfaces. If you own any of the properties on this list, you could improve the appearance and energy efficiency of your building with exterior window tint:

  • Historic building windows
  • High rise buildings
  • Large commercial applications
  • Skylights, atriums & glass domes

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Elevator Refinishing

Maintaining an elevator can be a costly endeavor. Luckily, our surface window films are the perfect solution for elevators requiring refinishing. If your elevator has scratches, dents, or unwanted markings and vandalism, our surface films are affordable and offer a long-term solution. In addition, our stainless steel or aluminum surface films can be easily replaced when necessary, making it easy to repair damage or signs of wear, including:

  • Scratching & etching
  • Small, shallow dents
  • Marker, pen & paint
  • Corrosion

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