Ballistic Resistant Window Film Benefits for Oakland

Unfortunately, for highly populated areas and cities such as Oakland, it’s necessary to consider the possibility of terrorist attacks and violent crimes and plan ahead to protect those close to you. Finding an advanced security solution for your property is quickly becoming a necessity. If safety is a key concern for your business or home, window film can bring you the peace of mind, comfort, and a sense of security you are looking for. Ballistic resistant window film offers protection from potential explosions, natural disasters or other unwanted attacks – making it a safe, affordable solution for your schools, government offices, and commercial property.

What is ballistic resistant window film?

After years of research in the field of nanotube technology, scientists developed a special priming agent call C-Bond. Our ballistic resistant window film utilizes this technology to alter glass at the molecular level – making it stronger and more impact resistant. By eliminating the natural imperfections in the glass, this bonding agent is a powerful protective barrier.

We then combine the C-Bond technology with multiple layers of security window film to strengthen glass by up to 200%. This powerful and effective method can withstand incredibly high levels of impact and severe stress environments such as:

  • Flying debris & construction equipment
  • Wind speeds up to 140 mph
  • Hammer blows
  • Gunshots & improvised explosive devices
  • Vibrations from earthquakes
Safety & Security Film in Oakland

Common Uses & Applications

It’s not surprising that the C-Bond system is gaining popularity and being installed by schools, government buildings, and military bases throughout the country. Ballistic window film can be also used for a variety of applications and settings including:
Schools, colleges & universities
Government & military buildings
Sports arenas & stadiums
High rise office buildings
Airports & mass transit systems
Commercial properties & more

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