Broken shop window Film in Oakland

Bomb Blast Protection Benefits of Window Film for Oakland

Have recent events left you looking for ways to protect your commercial property, university, government offices or industrial facilities from unexpected blasts, intruders, and other deadly events? Look no further than bomb blast window film. We offer buildings in the Oakland area an advanced level of protection by reducing the risk of glass related injury and damage. In addition to mitigating damage, bomb blast window film can decrease operation down time for clean up and repairs in the case of emergency.

Protect what matters most.

We’ve heard it all before: “Better safe than sorry.” This is especially true when it comes to protecting the people and things you care about most. Our bomb blast protection film provides Oakland theaters, stadiums, schools and government buildings an increased level of protection from the unknown. It’s also a great solution for places that are more susceptible to workplace hazards such as industrial environments, labs, and manufacturing facilities.


Lessen your operation down time.

When disaster strikes, it’s important to mitigate risks and remove damage quickly and effectively. By holding broken glass in place, bomb blast protection film can keep occupants and employees safe from shattered glass and deadly projectiles that might fly across the room. In addition to helping keep people safe, protection film can prevent potential damage to surfaces, furniture, and equipment. Another benefit? It can help you recover and resume business operations faster because all you have to do is simply replace the broken glass – allowing you to get back on track faster.

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