Elevator Refinishing Benefits of Window Film for Oakland

If you are looking to repair or replace an elevator in your mall, hotel or other commercial property that has been dented, damaged, scratched or vandalized, give our elevator refinishing experts a call. With over a decade of window tinting experience in the Oakland area, our team has helped countless property owners successfully refinish their elevators. Our technicians can help you find an affordable window film that will provide the solution you need for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Window Film Can Help You Save Money on Elevator Repairs.

Don’t let the fear of expensive repairs or costly replacement parts keep you from updating your elevator. Our surface films are durable, thick, and a cost-effective alternative to replacing expensive panels or parts.  These panels can cover most types of elevator damage such as scratches, small dents, corrosion, and unwanted markings.

Sausalito window film

Discreetly conceal elevator damages.

Elevators put up with a lot of wear and tear. Between dings and dents to scratches and markings, elevator damage is inevitable. Unfortunately, this damage can make your property appear unclean and unsafe. Stop losing potential business and start concealing unwanted blemishes with surface film. Not only will surface film make your elevator look brand new but if the film gets damaged you can simply remove and replace it for a fraction of the costs as a complete surface repair.

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If you own a hotel, mall, office, or commercial property in Oakland, contact our experts and start your elevator restorations today. Call Oakland Window Film to schedule an appointment for elevator refinishing or get an estimate on window tinting services.

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