Exterior Refinishing Benefits of Window Film for Oakland

Don’t let unsightly chips and cracks in your windows distract potential customers. These pesky little problems not only look unappealing but did you know chips and cracks can increase your energy costs? By letting in the elements, cracks can cause insulation problems which is an unnecessary expense for your business. Avoid the costly expense of replacing glass every time you see a chip and utilize exterior window tint to refinish exterior surfaces. Whether you own a historic building, hotel, or high rise property – exterior window tint is the solution you are looking for.

Can Exterior Window Film Save Money On Energy Costs?

With poor window insulation accounting for about 30% of energy loss in commercial structures, it’s no wonder business owners are looking for cost-effective energy solutions. Help your HVAC system do its job by reducing any unwanted solar heat gain caused by chips and cracks. By finding the right exterior window film solution for your property you can start saving on energy costs and stop overworking your HVAC system.


Customize your look.

Improve the aesthetics of your building without the expensive and time-consuming costs of renovations and repairs. Exterior window film can give your outdated building the modern makeover it needs! Oakland Window Film offers a variety of exterior window film styles. You can choose from unique prints and styles, such as colored or textured looks, or you can keep it simple with our tint and reflective options. You can even customize your look with your own graphics or logos. Exterior window film can help you achieve the unique look you want without breaking the bank.

Exterior Window Film Applications

A common question we receive is “What type of building can benefit from exterior window tint?” The answer is that window film can be beneficial for many different types of buildings such as schools, hotels, office buildings, government buildings, stadiums, and arenas. One of the most popular applications for exterior window film is historic properties because it gives the building a fresh look without harming the structure of the building. Your property can benefit from window tinting if it has any of the following characteristics:

  • Multiple floors or stories
  • High up or hard to reach windows
  • Historic glass
  • Floor to ceiling glass

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