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Fight Crime & Protect Your Property in Oakland with Security Window Film

All cities have problems with crime. As a resident of a highly populated city, you may feel like there’s little you can do to keep crime from happening. This feeling of helplessness is miserable for any property owner. But you aren’t totally defenseless. With security window film, you can protect your Oakland property from danger and prevent theft, vandalism, and accidents from occurring on your premises.

Stop accidents before they happen.

It may seem like there are few safety risks in your home, office, or building, but just because an accident hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it won’t. Keep your home or property free of safe hazards with security window film. Security window film strengthens windows located near pools, showers, bars, and restroom areas, helping to prevent accident-related injuries.

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Throw criminal efforts off track.

Studies show that, on average, it takes criminals about 60 seconds to break into a building. Security cameras and locks may help scare off some intruders, but savvy individuals know their way around these safety mechanisms. Cameras don’t deter intruders but security window film does. Security window film keeps Oakland retail stores, homes, and offices safe by adding a tear resistant layer to windows and doors that delays criminal entry.

Keep safe during natural disasters.

As climate change progress, natural disasters are becoming a more serious issue. In California, wildfires, floods, earthquakes, and landslides have all been known to cause major devastation. By installing security window film, you can protect people and objects in your building from dangerous natural threats and minimize damage to your property.

security window film oakland

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