Our world is growing fast and the latest architecture trends of simple clear windows on high rises is having unexpected consequences.  While theses structures are beautiful, their windows also pose a threat to our bird populations here in Oakland and around the world. This is because bird strikes on high rise windows are on the rise. The repercussions to birds are devastating.  Sadly, our avian friends cannot distinguish a window from the open sky and the ensuing collisions are deadly. Bird strikes are neither good for the birds or humans but birds suffer the most. In fact, some species are even being threatened by these bird/window run-ins.  There is an answer to this problem that will save both the lives or birds and the financial costs of birdstrikes for humans. This solution is “fretted” window film. It is a bird strike prevention film that is barely visible to humans and incredibly effective at stopping bird strikes on windows.  Plus, birdstrike window film comes with plenty of other benefits.

How Bird Strike Prevention Film Is Beneficial

  1. Bird Strike Prevention Film Protects Birds:  Each year about 1 billion birds fly into windows resulting in their deaths. This is destroying certain bird populations.  So, applying fretted window film has a much larger impact than you may think. By using fretted film o prevent just a few bird strikes each year on your just your high rise, you are helping save entire species from being killed off. Meaning,  you aren’t just saving one life but possibly an entire eco-system.
  2. Bird Strike Prevention Film Saves You Money In Window Repairs: When a bird strikes a window, it messy and destructive to windows. At the very least, the window must be professionally cleaned.  But, oftentimes it will require expensive repairs. By stopping the collision from ever happening you save yourself/your building the frequent costs of cleaning and/or fixing the damage done by a bird strike.
  3. Bird Strike Prevention Window Film Offers Traditional Window Film Benefits:   Simply saving birds and money in repairs are two very good reasons to use fretted window film.   But, there are other more benefits to bird strike prevention window films for your Oakland highrise.  Fretted window films come with many of the same solar control and energy efficiency benefits of window film.  So, when you choose to keep birds safe you get the added benefit of blocking UV rays, insulating your windows and reducing solar heat gain. This means you save even more money year-round. 

For more information on fretted window films for your Oakland high-rise to help prevent bird collisions with windows, contact us at Oakland Window Film today!


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