Here at Oakland Window Film, we are proud that we have a lot of very happy customers. Of course, we believe our amazing customer service is a big part of it. However, we also know a fair part of it is from the efficacy and affordability of window film itself. Because of this, we consistently get customers reaching out to let us know the positive impact of these films. Read on to learn the three most common benefits that these customer love about their window film investment.

  1.  Heat Control:  Oakland has a rather temperate climate but in summer it gets hot! This means during the summer months solar heat gain, which heats home via heat transfer is an issue here. No matter how low you set your A/C you will always be fighting an uphill battle. Also, solar heat gain forces the HVAC systems in your Oakland home to run constantly and break down more often. This is where window film comes in. It reduces 67% of the sun’s heat, lowers cooling costs by up to 30%, and cuts down on costly HVAC repairs. 
  2. Glare:  Unless you live somewhere cold or shady–glare is a big problem for your home. Here in Oakland, we get a lot of glare being on the coast. This is a common reason people come to us for window film– to rid themselves of glare. This is why we offer some incredibly powerful glare-reducing window films. After these films are installed, our customers are amazed at how much more comfortable and practical their homes are. They experience less eye strain from squinting, fewer headaches from sun exposure, and clearer views of screens are all things they are happy about.
  3. Fading: The sun’s UV rays lead to the deterioration and fading of almost any material. Homeowners here in Oakland tell us they are plagued with damage from fading on floors, artwork, and upholstery. This is why every window film we carry blocks 99.9% of UV rays–even those for privacy, security, or light control.   

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There's a reason that Oakland property owners come to Angus when they have questions about window film! Angus has been operating in the window tinting industry for over a decade and is a subject matter expert. After moving to California from Scotland, Angus began working in the construction industry where he first learned about window film through his relationships with various architects and interior designers. He was amazed by the many practical benefits and versatility of such a seemingly simple product. This eventually led him to pursue a career in the tinting industry, a position which he has held for a number of years and thoroughly enjoys. Angus loves working closely with his customers and building relationships as they tackle complex problems related to security, privacy, and energy efficiency. He is an expert at selecting the perfect film to meet the needs of any space and is highly familiar with all the top brands, including 3M, Vista, LLumar, and more.