One of the questions we get the most in regards to window film is about maintenance. Potential clients here in Oakland are concerned, and rightfully so, that window film will require a lot of maintenance. We totally understand! Owning a home requires enough maintenance already. So it makes sense that homeowners want to know what they are getting into. Happily, the answer is–no–window film does not require any additional maintenance. Windows treated with film require cleaning, like any window. Furthermore, this cleaning should be done with products safe for window film. Read on to learn more about window film safe cleaner and how to clean windows treated with film.

How to Clean Your Window Film

The first thing you should know about windows treated with film is–after the window film is installed you should wait 30 days before cleaning them. After that, you may clean your windows the same way as you did before. The difference in the process is what you use to clean them. You should use an ammonia-free cleaner that is “safe” for window films and soft cleaning cloths. You likely already have these products in your home but read below for more info.

Cleaning Solutions Safe for Window Film

To avoid removing the back adhesive on your window film you should always use an ammonia-free cleaning solution. As it happens, most household cleaning solutions don’t have ammonia. Dish soap works just fine. However, you can also buy specialty ammonia-free window products online. The cloth you use should be soft. High-end paper towels will work as well. Stay away from cheap paper towels which could cause scratches. These scratches build up over time–so never us rough paper towels or cloths with bristles or abrasives. Finally, make sure to clean off all excess water so it does not seep behind the film and wear down the bond. Wipe up any excess moisture and/or debris from the edges of the windows too.  

That’s it– you are done cleaning your window film treated windows–it’s that easy and also the only maintenance you will need.

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