In a library or museum, it’s always a difficult challenge to maintain the right amount of natural light. Patrons and staff love the sun. But books, artifacts, and other items that are susceptible to fading can be irreversibly damaged by ultraviolet light. That’s why fade prevention window film is the perfect solution for Oakland libraries and museums! With fade prevention window film, you can keep your space bright and sunny without putting the valuable items in your building at risk. Here’s how it works.

Fade Prevention Window Film: A Must-Have for Libraries and Museums!

If you’ve worked in a public building like a library or museum for long, you know that sunlight makes a big difference. A big sun-lit lobby makes museum guests feel welcomed and sets the right tone for their visit. And library patrons love to grab a good book and hunker down in a sunlit corner.

But as much as us humans like the sun, books and artifacts are another story. When exposed to the sun, colors fade, ink dissipates, and artifacts become increasingly fragile. That’s why so many libraries and museums are investing in fade prevention window film.

How Fade Prevention Window Film Protects Books & Exhibits

Fade prevention window film helps protect Oakland public spaces like libraries, museums, and art galleries by shielding them from uv light. You see, though it looks like one, the sunlight coming through your windows is made up of many different frequencies of light. Among these are ultraviolet rays.

We all know the havoc that uv rays wreak on our bodies. Sit in the sun for too long and you’ll pay for it with a painful sunburn. And believe or not, books and artwork undergo the same process. When uv light comes into contact with paper, paint, ink, or dyes, it initiates a process called photodegradation. When this happens, colors (including black) lose their vibrancy at an alarming rate.

Fade prevention window film stops this from happening by keeping uv light. Visible light passes through its surface easily while harm-causing uv rays are kept out. That way, public buildings stay bright and beautiful without the dire consequences of uv exposure.

Protect Your Public Building

Protect your public building from uv rays. Call our office today to get a quote on fade prevention window film in Oakland.