Here in Oakland we sure do love our sports teams.  Our fans are loyal whether we are winning or not–flocking to our local stadiums and arenas to cheer on our teams win or lose.  Oakland has become a safer place to live in recent years but sadly, terrorist attacks happen at random. And places like sports arenas are often targets for attacks.  These places hold a lot of people at once, so this is where the most damage can be done. So for stadiums and arenas here in Oakland, a way to keep their loyal fans safer from devastation such as this is with bomb blast window film.

 Bomb Blast Window Film Protects Against Bombs

In a world where terror attacks occur at random, bomb-blast window film is the key to safety in stadiums and arenas.  From sports fields to music venues, fans are safer with bomb-blast window film on arenas. It is a powerful technology that keeps the glass in windows intact—even after a severe bomb blast.  This means lethal glass shrapnel stays adhered to the film rather than explode outward where it can hurt fans.

 Bomb Blast Window Film Protects Against Bullets

Bomb blast window film protects bullets as well.  Should a gunman attack a sports or concert venue, the bomb blast window film will keep most calibers of bullets from penetrating glass. These films, used with C-bond adhesive and specialty window frames also keep an attacker from quickly penetrating arena windows during an attack.  It takes multiple gunshots and more time for an attacker to get through the glass. This gives people inside more time to escape or hide and for first responders to get to the scene.

 Bomb Blast Window Film Protects Against Accidents

The most probable reason sports arenas would need bomb blast safety film is to prevent accidents.  Since drinking is always involved in games and shows–fans are at great risk of accidents. Bomb blast window, like tempered glass, keeps broken glass adhered to itself after breaking.  If a rowdy fan trips and falls into the glass, the tiny pieces will stay adhered to the film, resulting in less bodily harm.

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