Have you noticed glare affecting your work and productivity during the workday? Does your office experience significant glare problems, causing you to reposition your computer, change your blind placement, and really distract you from focusing on your work? This is a common issue that has affected Oakland residential and commercial properties. With sunny days throughout the year, window treatments can be the popular answer. Window treatments aren’t great for offices with many windows, needing manual operation and actually blocking out sunlight. Glare reduction window film delivers a budget-conscious, compelling solution for your office.

The Advantages of Glare Reduction Window Film for Your Oakland Office Space

Glare reduction window film provides a high impact productivity solution engineered for offices. By blocking glare, employees can experience a significant improvement in productivity. Glare can cause headaches, squinting, eye fatigue, in addition to other problems, make glare reduction window film a great way to improve employee comfort. Another great thing about glare reduction window film is that it doesn’t block natural sunlight. Unlike window treatments, window film embraces natural sunlight which actually helps lower lighting costs while also providing exclusive benefits for your employees. Glare reduction window film can also provide other great benefits like privacy, UV protection, energy efficiency, and much more.

Finding the Right Glare Reduction Window Film Contractor in Oakland

Oakland Window Film is honored to be the trusted glare reduction window film contractor in the Oakland area. We’ve helped numerous office spaces throughout the city with their glare concerns. By providing custom solutions that address all your property needs, we can create the most productive, functional workspace! Work with our window film experts to find ways that optimize employee comfort, happiness, and work productivity.

For more information regarding glare reduction window film options for your Oakland office, please contact us!