Oakland is notorious for its high property crime rate. Alongside other high traffic cities, Oakland experiences a high rate of vandalism and graffiti. Business owners understand the financial struggle of constant repair and replacement fees while trying to give customers a good impression of their storefront, restaurant, or business. With so many different surfaces being more prone to vandalism efforts these days, it can definitely be difficult to keep up. Anti-graffiti film is a budget-friendly solution for Oakland business owners looking to save significantly on maintenance and replacement fees.

Benefits of Anti-Graffiti Film for Oakland Businesses

Anti-graffiti film is a revolutionary durable solution that protects against further vandalism efforts while concealing existing damage on your Oakland property. The film costs a fraction of repair and replacement fees, making it a great solution for refreshing your existing surfaces– you’ll be shocked by the new appearance after the anti-graffiti film is installed! Anti-graffiti film can protect virtually any nonporous, smooth surface including metal, mirrored, and glass. Graffiti Shield produces a custom product for nontraditional surfaces that are prone to vandalism as well. These films can endure acid and natural corrosion, protecting your costly investments from numerous threats.

Installing Anti-Graffiti Film in Your Oakland Business

Our window film experts begin the process with an on-site consultation in order to determine and find the right product that matches your surfaces. Once we find an anti-graffiti film that mimics the appearance of your original surface, we ensure a timely, stress-free installation process. We utilize a proprietary adhesive that makes the film tamperproof and only removal by professionals. If your film gets vandalized, removal and replacement is made quick and easy. Oakland businesses can give a clean, professional look around the clock with anti-graffiti film.

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