There’s nothing worse than dealing with graffiti. It’s almost impossible to remove some types of marks, no matter how hard you scrub or what various cleaning products you try. And for deep scratches or intentional etching, you may as well not try at all.

But replacing an entire piece of furniture, sign, or metal panel can be expensive. And who’s to say that once you get the new one in, the same thing won’t happen all over again.

Fortunately, there’s a better solution to repairing graffiti than opting for expensive replacement. You can easily keep your Oakland property protected from vandalism with Graffiti Shield window film.

What Is Graffiti Shield Window Film?

Graffiti Shield window film is a special type of “surface film” that’s designed to cover up and protect against damage caused by vandalism. Graffiti Shield films are specifically created to match the look of surfaces that are frequently vandalized, like mirrors and metal objects. The film is applied over the top of the surface and once it’s installed it’s barely noticeable.

The thick film hides any damages that may already exist, including etching, corrosion, marker, paint, and scratching, and also protects the fixture beneath from being further ruined. If ever someone comes along and tags the film, it’s no big deal since it can be simply replaced.


Where to Put Graffiti Shield Window Films in Your Building

Graffiti Shield window films can be used anywhere in your Oakland building where you need protection against vandalism. Some of the most common areas include:
Elevators, escalators, and stairs
Metal signs and display cases
Bus stops, light rails, and trains
Bathroom mirrors and stalls
Metal hand railing
Retail stores and restaurants
Many other applications

Protect Your Space with Graffiti Shield Window Film

Don’t let your beautiful building be ruined by vandalism. Call Oakland Window Film today to have Graffiti Shield window film installed for your Oakland office, school, or commercial building.