Have you noticed a lack of productivity among your employees in your Downtown Oakland office? Do your employees seem more concerned about concealing sensitive information or distracted by onlookers from the street or surrounding buildings? These are typical privacy concerns that many office buildings face on a regular basis. In order to properly address these privacy issues, finding an affordable solution that can improve aesthetics as well is ideal. While window coverings are available, these aren’t appropriate for office aesthetics or functionality and can lead to higher lighting costs. Privacy window film is the ideal solution that offers a wide array of advantages for your Oakland office.

Benefits of Privacy Window Film for Your Downtown Oakland Office

Decorative privacy window film is a great way to provide privacy in co-working areas, collaborative workspaces, conference rooms, customer waiting areas, and more. These highly customizable films can be printed on and cut out to add brand visibility. Additionally, these privacy window films mimic the appearance of expensive custom glass but are available at a lower price. Exterior privacy window tinting addresses privacy concerns that are external to your Oakland office building. By obscuring all unwanted views from neighboring buildings and onlookers from the street, employees can feel relaxed and focus on their work. Privacy window film ultimately improves productivity and comfort for your employees.

Oakland Window Film: 3M™ Window Films for Buildings from Oakland Window Film on Vimeo.

Installation Process for Privacy Window Film in Downtown Oakland Offices

Oakland Window Film is happy to provide complimentary on-site consultations for Downtown Oakland office buildings in order to fully understand your privacy issues. From there we can offer great product recommendations while one of our graphic designers work with you on custom decorative privacy window film. We always offer worry-free, timely installations that promote limited downtime.

For more information regarding privacy window film for your Oakland office, please contact us!