Oakland homes can definitely experience issues with keeping their place comfortable in all weather conditions. With colder winters than the rest of California and hot summers, homeowners can have a hard time keeping up with heating and cooling costs. Trying to lower overall utility costs can definitely be a struggle within itself, leading to homeowners trying to find permanent solutions that can stay in place. Energy efficient window film offers an affordable way to lower costs while providing a great ROI. One of our favorite residential window film manufacturers is LLumar.

Benefits of LLumar Window Film for Your Oakland Home

LLumar energy efficient window film not only improves energy usage, but it also prevents hot/cold spots throughout your home leading to a more comfortable internal environment. Energy efficient window film provides other great benefits like UV protection and glare reduction. UV blocking properties are necessary in order to properly preserve your flooring, furniture, and other valuables from fading and discoloration. Glare reduction is a huge benefit for those working from home as well as homeowners that watching television and other screen-viewing activities. LLumar energy efficient window film provides great energy benefits during winter and summer months. Homeowners usually experience a 10% to 15% decrease in energy costs during winter months and around 30% decrease in energy costs during summer months.

Llumar® Window Films for Oakland Homes from Oakland Window Film on Vimeo.

LLumar Energy Audit for Oakland Homes

Oakland Window Film is happy to provide homeowners with energy audits of their property. Energy audits take all of your past energy usage statistics and data in order to compile useful information for your energy needs and habits. We take this data and submit it to LLumar in order to receive more accurate estimates of ROI after installing their window film. Homeowners can choose the best option for energy savings.

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