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Graffiti Shield: Technologically Advanced Surface Protection Films

Why waste time fretting over damage to your property when you can prevent vandalism in the first place? Discreetly cover and protect the surfaces of your building with Graffiti Shield window films. At Oakland Window Film, we carry a full line of Graffiti Shield window films, including Metal Shield, Mirror Shield, and Glass Shield to provide you with comprehensive vandalism protection.

Created using a unique manufacturing process, Graffiti Shield Window Films are a revolutionary technology that’s quickly being seized by property owners throughout Oakland and the rest of California. High in quality and affordable, these films offer top of the line defense against vandalism and property destruction for schools, retail, office buildings, transit centers, and more.

Metal Shield Anti Graffiti Film
Metal Shield window film is designed to protect stainless steel, metal, and aluminum surfaces and restore them to their beautiful, shiny appearance after damage. These films are specially printed to resemble the hard, metallic appearance of real metal, and can be easily applied to elevators, restroom stalls, handrails, and more. Once in place, the film covers up existing wear and protects the material beneath from denting, color marks, and scrapes.

Mirror Shield Anti Graffiti Film
Mirrors are a common target for vandals. Often located in private places behind bathroom doors and elevators, mirrors are easy for criminals to damage without being caught in the act and are particularly susceptible to scratching. Mirror Shield window film discreetly conceals damages caused to mirrors and reflective surfaces, hiding signs of corrosion, etching, and permanent marker, benefiting businesses of all types.

Glass Shield Anti Graffiti Film
With Glass Shield window film, you can easily preserve the crystal clear appearance of the windows and glass areas of your property and protect them from accidental and intentional damage. Glass Shield window films mimic the transparent look of glass and are impossible to notice after application. These films are a worthwhile investment that can help save hundreds of dollars by avoiding the costly price of window replacement.

Oakland’s Source for Graffiti Shield Window Film
Our team of expert installers and engineers are ready to go to work for you. Let us provide the comprehensive vandalism protection that you need to keep your property looking beautiful over the years. Call us today to have Graffiti Shield Window Film installed for your Oakland property.

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