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Hanita Coatings: High-Performance Window Films

With Hanita Coatings’ high-performance window films, you can add elegance and style to your space while also saving money on energy costs and upgrading the security of your property. Not only are Hanita Coatings premium window films engineered to provide optimal safety, but with SolarZone and SafetyZone you can enjoy a comfortable and aesthetically beautiful space for a fraction of the cost of window replacement.

Hanita SolarZone Window Films
Reduce heat building up and filter over 80% of solar radiation that passes through regular glass with Hanita SolarZone window film. By keeping your interior temperatures cooler, these window films provide maximum comfort while saving money on energy costs. Some additional benefits of SolarZone window films include the following:

  • Reduces air conditioning energy consumption by up to 30%
  • Improve indoor temperatures by a 5.2 degree difference
  • Contributes towards green/LEED certifications
  • Improves HVAC efficiency and reduces run times

Hanita SafetyZone Window Films
Outfit your of home, office or commercial building with Hanita SafetyZone window films and protect your property from intruders, blasts and, natural disasters. Hanita SafetyZone window films offer clear protection using top grade polyester for optical clarity and cleanliness. Hanita SafetyZone can also provide the following benefits:

  • Clear, energy efficient protection
  • Minimized risks of glass-related injuries
  • Holds broken glass in place during impact
  • Certified to a wide range of glass security standards

Hanita Privacy & Decorative Films
Not only do Hanita window films provide privacy and energy efficiency, but these stylish window films also add beauty and style to your space. From fully opaque, matte, and reflective styles to translucent vinyl and graphic prints, these decorative films are available in a variety of options.

  • Filters light and reduces glare
  • Delivers crisp high definition images in vivid colors
  • Offers a more economical alternative to custom glass
  • Provides privacy for conference rooms, lobbies, and other areas

Install Hanita Window Film for Your Oakland Home or Business
Our team wants you to start enjoying the benefits of Hanita window film today. Simply call Oakland Window Films to speak to an expert about your ideas for your renovations and schedule an appointment today.

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