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Huper Optic: Revolutionary, Patented Nanotechnology

Huper Optic window film is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of the window film industry by providing a green solution for energy savings. With over 10 years in the marketplace, Huper Optic is the preferred choice of nanoceramic window film in the Oakland area. Huber Optic’s uses only the best materials to provide its customers with the most durability and secure window film on the market. With several sleek and stylish options to choose from, Huper Optic can enhance the beauty of your property while keeping harmful UV rays and solar heat out of your building.

Huber Optic Window Film for Advanced UV Protection
By utilizing advanced nanotechnology, Huber Optic creates the highest performance films on the market. By filtering and soften light, Huber Optic films can create a more comfortable environment by regulating temperatures – making it easier for your HVAC system to do its job. In addition to controlling temperatures, Huber Optic window films offer the highest optical quality available which keeps your space looking bright, clean and vibrant. Additional benefits include:

  • Superior heat rejection
  • Reduced glare and increased comfort
  • Available in multiple styles including reflective, clear, and neutral styles
  • Helps prevent fading in furniture and flooring

Oakland’s Source for Huber Optic Window Film
Oakland Window Film is proud to be a preferred Huber Optic contractor in the Oakland area. Call us today to schedule an appointment and receive an estimate on Huber Optic window film installation in your Oakland home or office.

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