High-End Security Films For The Ultimate Protection Of Your Oakland Home Or Business

It truly is a crazy world out there and while it may appear that the violence we see on tv is very far away, the truth is, it is could happen anywhere. No place in the US is actually safe from the threat of terror attacks and/or senseless gun violence–especially here in Oakland. Also, there is always a threat of natural disasters as we see the weather dramatically changing around us. While the inherent dangers of living here in the US are unfortunate, they are also a part of life and must be dealt with accordingly to keep yourself and those you love safe. There are ways to mitigate the danger in these trying times we live in– preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. One of the best ways to prepare for the worst is to take the security in your Oakland home or business to the next level. Since the most vulnerable feature of any building is its glass windows and doors–that is the perfect place to start. This is because, once windows are breached, they will allow unchecked access to an attacker. But, ballistic resistant window film systems from Oakland Window Films take that break and entry option almost completely off the table.

What is Ballistic Resistant Window Film And Home Can It Protect My Oakland Home Or Business?

Ballistic resistant window film is a type of security window film that is fairly new and only recently has come into its own with the advent of nanotechnology. It provides the strongest protection against many caliber bullets and magnitudes or bombs. While it is true that there is no such thing as “bulletproof” or “bombproof” glass, windows treated with C-Bond primer, high-end security film, and security glass framing, are as close as one can get. This incredibly powerful combination strengths glass on a molecular level and makes glass surfaces more resistant to impact and shattering. You have probably heard of ballistic resistant window films because they are commonly used in places like airports, schools, and government buildings. However, there is no reason, in times like these, you cannot have them applied to your Oakland home or business for the highest level of protection.

The Benefits Of Ballistic Resistant Window For Oakland Homes And Businesses:

1. Protection for glass windows & building interiors from flying glass
2. Protection from intruders, bullets, bombs
3. Protection from natural disasters: high-speed winds and flying debris
4. A Higher level of safety for your family, employees, and valuables

If you are like most of us, you just want to live a peaceful safe life with your family and friends. Don’t let the threat of violence or natural disaster take away your peace of mind, take the steps to protect yourself and those you love by having security film applied to the windows of your Oakland home or business. Contact Oakland Window Film for a free security analysis today.