Oakland businesses often turn to window film for a variety of reasons– from improved energy efficiency to premium security benefits, window film provides a cost-effective option for improving your workspace. Oakland Window Film utilizes C-Bond glass strengthening agent in every window film project in order to ensure your window film reaches its full potential in lifespan and performance. C-Bond is an amazing technological advancement that enhances every window film product available in today’s market.

Benefits of C-Bond Glass Strengthening Agent for Your Oakland Business

C-Bond is engineered to penetrate original glass surfaces deep within its pores in order to change the molecular structure of your glass. When C-Bond is applied directly to your Oakland business’ glass windows and doors, your original glass’ shatter resistance improves alongside durability and flexibility. This works wonderfully as a commercial-grade primer for all window films to be applied. When C-Bond is combined with window film solutions, your glass will become stronger, you’ll experience quicker install and curing times, and your window film investment will last longer. C-Bond is extremely popular in security film installs, making ballistic-resistance and bomb-blast security systems possible. C-Bond delivers added impact resistance in cases of hail, high-speed winds, as well as natural disasters. Oakland businesses can incorporate C-Bond with multiple layers of security film in order to deter intruders, smash-and-grab burglaries, and more.

C-Bond Glass Strengthening Agent Installation Process for Oakland Businesses

C-Bond is applied in liquid form directly to your original glass surfaces and is allowed to deeply penetrate the glass’ pores. Oakland Window Film utilizes this glass strengthening agent in every window film project to ensure your complete satisfaction. C-Bond also ensures that all the impurities in your glass are filled and no moisture or dirt will be able to penetrate and ruin your window film after installation.

For more information regarding C-Bond glass strengthening agent for your next Oakland business window film project, please contact us or call: (510) 262-1100