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More and more, we as a country are finding that our current security methods are insufficient. As violent incidents like mass shootings become increasingly prevalent, it’s important for us to take a good look at the way we think about security.

When it comes to public safety, all measures should be exhausted. While security guards and metal detectors are useful to have, they shouldn’t be considered the end all be all solution.

For areas in which the public gathers in mass numbers, like arenas and stadiums, the issue of public safety is an even greater concern. The shooting in Las Vegas is a sad reminder of this.

That’s what makes security window film so important. Security window film can help protect Oakland arenas and stadiums and make them safer, more secure spots for the public to gather.

security window film oakland

How Window Film Can Prevent Glass From Shattering During An Emergency

Glass breakage is one of the leading causes of injury during an emergency. It doesn’t take much for a glass window to shatter. And when broken shards are released at high velocity, they can be seriously deadly.

Unfortunately, many arenas and stadiums are made up of vast amounts of glass. Installing window film is crucial to protecting patrons during attacks and emergency situations.

Window film is one of the most effective ways to prevent glass from shattering. When combined with a specialized primer, like C-Bond, window film actually has the ability to alter glass at the molecular level and make it stronger. When the glass is hit with a hard object or high speed winds, the film transfers the energy from the impact sideways, forcing it to disperse evenly across its surface instead of concentrating in one area.

Additional Benefits of Installing Window Film in Stadiums and Arenas

In addition to making public buildings in Oakland like stadiums and arenas safer, window film offers many other benefits including:

  • Energy savings- window tint reduces energy consumption by up to 30%
  • Uv protection – window tint keeps stadium seats, banners, and decor looking beautiful and vibrant by block uvs
  • Decor – window tints can be custom printed to create striking decor for promotions or branding
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