Have you ever been witnessed a bird flying into a high rise building in Oakland? This incident is actually very common, resulting in over one billion birds that die each year around the world. These incidents can be traumatic for those who witness it while causing damage to the glass windows and leading to troublesome cleanup. High rise building and skyscraper owners may have a difficult time looking for proactive solutions– luckily, bird strike prevention film presents the most affordable, effective solution for lowering bird fatalities, unwanted cleanup, and repair costs.

Benefits of Bird Strike Prevention Film for Your Oakland High Rise

Bird strike prevention window film is designed for glass application for high rise buildings that are prone to bird strike. By utilizing simple yet effective decal patterns, bird strike prevention film makes your Oakland property visible to birds whenever they’re flying though the air. These decals are very subtle to the naked human eye and tend to come in neutral colors. By installing bird strike prevention film, property owners will experience prevented bird fatalities, lowered repair and maintenance costs, and additionally improved productivity and guest experience within their properties. These traumatic occurrences can really negatively affect building occupants, making it vital to put your employees and guests first.

Installation Process for Bird Strike Prevention Film for Oakland High Rises

Oakland Window Film has the largest selection of bird strike prevention films featuring various different pattern work. We’re happy to help you find the right investment for your Oakland high rise building that’s effective and presentable. We provide quick, professional installation processes that minimize operational downtime while using leading glass strengtheners and primers. We specialize in bird strike prevention and look forward to working with you on your next window film project!

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