Nothing consumes an office budget faster than high energy costs. Granted, it takes a lot of power to keep a commercial building running all day long, five days a week. But if your utility costs are exponentially higher than they were last year or in comparison to the other properties in your area, chances are some of that energy is being wasted.

But don’t panic just yet. Cutting back your energy usage is definitely possible. But it may require you to make some minor adjustments to the way you run things. In this article, we’ll discuss window film and other energy saving solutions for Oakland businesses.

Cut energy costs for your office. Use these tips like installing window film and buying energy efficient equipment to…

Posted by Oakland Window Film on Thursday, July 9, 2020

Tips for Reducing Your Office Energy Costs

When you’re running a business, you have enough on your plate. The last thing you need to worry about is your monthly utility bill. Use these energy saving tips to reduce your office energy expenses:

1. Get an energy audit.

This is a great place to start, especially if you don’t know where exactly the problem is coming from. An energy audit will help you identify problem areas in your office so you can start implementing solutions.

2. Invest in energy saving window film.

Installing energy saving window film for your Oakland office may seem expensive, but it’s really not in the long run because it saves so much money. In fact, most businesses end up saving more than they spend.

3. Buy energy efficient equipment and appliances.

If you can afford it, replaced old appliances with new, energy efficient ones. Another option is to make the change slowly and replace a couple computers or one piece of equipment at a time.

4. Opt for a privacy window film.

Privacy window films are a great choice for offices because they’re dual-acting. They provide privacy which enhances security and also help eliminate some of the infrared heat that causes high energy costs.

5. Program your lights and thermostat.

Use a timer to program your lighting and hvac equipment so they aren’t running when no one’s in the office.

Take the Next Step

Make your office more energy efficient and start saving now. Call Oakland Window Film to get a quote on commercial window film installation in the Oakland area.