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Window Film: A Comprehensive Architectural Solution

Let Oakland Window Film help you completely transform your property by providing versatile, beautiful, and affordable window film solutions. Whether your home or business needs additional privacy and security, or you are looking to improve your property’s energy efficiency, we are confident that we have the right window tinting product for your home, office, hotel, restaurant, or museum.

Common Uses & Applications for Window Film in Oakland

From apartment complexes and residential homes in Hiller Highlands, Claremont or Montclair to high rise offices buildings, schools, museums, and sports arenas located downtown, buildings of all types and sizes in the Oakland area can benefit from window tinting.


Office Buildings

Enhance the security and update the appearance of your Oakland office by adding cost-effective window tint. Not only can window tint help reduce heat and regulate temperatures, but it can eliminate distracting glare and improve employee productivity all while protecting your employees and valuables from harmful UV rays.

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Retail Stores & Malls

Window film can help retail stores of all types and sizes protect their merchandise from fading, prevent break-ins and even deter vandals. Let our team help your grocery store, shopping center, boutique or mall save money on energy costs and create a more secure shopping environment with our window tinting solutions.

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Hotel & Hospitality

Don’t let high energy cost and unwanted exterior wear and tear get the best of your hotel, motel or bed and breakfast. Window tinting can help you save money on energy costs and improve the aesthetics of your property while keeping tenants comfortable and safe.

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Interested in attracting new customers, keeping your furniture and flooring from fading all while and saving money on heating and cooling costs? Tinting the windows of your restaurant or cafe can help protect your property from vandalism – saving you money on repairs.

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Schools & Universities

Adding window tint to schools and universities can help overcome challenges such as the need for increased security and extremely high energy costs. Because schools consume high amounts of energy and are also incredibly vulnerable to violent attacks and vandalism, it’s important to consider adding window tint to help increase school security and reduce energy costs.

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Arenas, Venues & Stadiums

Oakland is home to some of the best professional sports teams in the nation. With several large arenas, venues, and stadiums in the area, it’s important to keep staff and patrons safe while attending events. That’s where professional window tinting comes into play. Not only does window tinting improve the security and energy efficiency or large venues, but it can even be used for advertising and promotional purposes.

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Secured Buildings

Adding window tint to secured buildings such as jails, prisons and military buildings is crucial for keeping tenants, staff, and visitors safe from the unknown. By adding an additional layer of protection against accidents, intruders, and natural disasters, window tint is a smart, cost-effective choice for secured buildings in the Oakland area.

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Mass Transit_Oakland_window-film

Mass Transit

Keep airports, bus stops and transit cars safe with one of our energy efficient and protective window tint solutions. Not only can window film save money on operating costs but it can protect against graffiti and provide passengers with additional privacy.

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Government Buildings_Oakland_window-film

Government Building

Window tinting makes an excellent addition to city halls, courthouses, fire stations, post offices, and other government owned properties. It improves employee productivity, cuts down on heating and cooling costs, and keeps government buildings safe and secure.

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Museums & Libraries

Window film can help museums and libraries in the Oakland area protect their valuables, artwork and artifacts from theft, vandalism and damaging UV rays while adding color and artistic flare.

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Our customized window tinting solutions will not only protect your church and its stained glass, but help regulates temperature and add custom design or decoration. Window film is a cost-effective way keep your church and its members safe and comfortable year round.

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Find out today how you can benefit from window tinting. Call Oakland Window Film to schedule an appointment for a free onsite consultation or receive an estimate on window film for your Oakland home, business, or public building.

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