UV Blocking Film in Oakland

UV Protection Benefits of Window Film for Oakland

Did you know that UV rays are not only harmful to our skin, but can also damage building interiors, furniture, and flooring? Finding a solution to protect your health and property is crucial in sunny cities such as Oakland, and we are here to help. Not only does our uv protection film help protect your skin by blocking out 99.9% of ultraviolet light, but it protects furniture, flooring, and artwork from fading and heat damage – keeping the property and possessions you value safe from Oakland’s potentially costly sun.

How to Prevent Fading in Furniture & Flooring

It’s important to keep furniture, artwork and other valuables that are located near windows or warm areas of your home safe from harmful uv rays. These damaging rays can cause premature fading of fabrics and heat damage on a variety of surfaces. Adding uv protection window film is a quick, affordable and aesthetically pleasing way to keep your possessions and floors safe while also preserving their value.


Window Film Can Help Protect Your Skin, Eyes & Health.

With an average of 259 sunny days a year, and easy access to the beautiful bay and its surrounding paths and trails, Oakland is an active and vibrant city. It’s important for Oakland residents and business owners to not only protect themselves from harmful UV rays while outside but inside their homes or offices as well. That’s why uv protection window film is so important. By blocking out 99.9% of uv radiation, window film helps keep you and the people you care about safe from the sun’s damaging rays while enjoying the comforts of home.  

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