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Oakland Window Film Installation Process

Here at Oakland Window Film, our proprietary window film installation process allows our team to provide Oakland area buildings with high-quality results that can last for extended periods.

Step One: Onsite consultation
We start the installation process with an onsite consultation. During this onsite visit, one of our staff members will discuss your project goals and review different installation possibilities. This helps our team get to know you better, allowing us to inspect your property thoroughly and take necessary site measurements. We will also work with you to schedule a date and time for the official installation. Need an appointment during off hours? We are happy to work with your schedule.

Step Two: Preparation
After you review and approve our plans, we can begin the preparations for the installation at our facility. This is where we pre-cut all of the films with a plotter, which enables us to shorten the installation time and minimize product waste. Keeping our services environmentally friendly is important to us.

Step Three: Installation
Next, our team will arrive onsite to begin the installation process. First, we clean the glass and prepare it using C-Bond as a primer for the film application.* Next, the film is applied to the primed glass, and the excess primer is removed using a squeegee. Lastly, we inspect the glass and area around the windows for flaws and defects. The windows are then cleaned and left alone to dry and set.

*Window film not primed using C-Bond may take longer to set and achieve complete clarity.

Why We Use C-Bond
We use C-Bond to prime almost all window film installations because it expedites installation and provides superior film and glass protection. In addition, the C-Bond primer makes the glass stronger by enhancing it at the molecular level – making it more shattering-resistant. You can be confident that your property is protected from:

  • Flying rocks & debris
  • Sports equipment & golfballs
  • High-speed winds
  • Break-ins & intruders

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