Privacy Benefits of Window Film for Oakland

Looking for cost-effective privacy solutions for your home or business? Window Tinting offers a unique and stylish alternative to traditional window coverings or blinds without blocking out the beautiful Oakland views you enjoy.  Window tinting is the perfect solution for everything from a residential home or high-rise apartment to a private office or patient room. With a wide range of styles and options to choose from, you can be confident that Oakland Window Film has the solution you are looking for.

Why Window Film for Privacy?

Window film is an excellent alternative to more tradition window coverings, such as blinds or curtains, especially for those who enjoy open spaces and unobstructed views. Why block out the Bay Bridge when you can enjoy it both day and night with our window tint solutions? Window tinting creates an easy solution to your privacy needs by offering a sleek, naturally bright and beautiful space that is also completely private.

Oakland Window Film: Reflective Privacy Film from Oakland Window Film on Vimeo.

Exterior Privacy Tinting for Oakland Properties

Exterior privacy tinting offers an effective privacy solution that addresses exterior issues for residential and commercial properties. Obstruct unwanted views into your property while maintaining an optically clear view from the inside out. Available in numerous tints, reflective ranges, hues, and colors, Oakland property owners can modernize their property exteriors as well.

Privacy Decorative Window Films

Privacy decorative window films are perfect for addressing interior privacy concerns. By mimicking the appearance of frosted or etched glass, Oakland homeowners and business owners can block unwanted views while improving interior decor. These decorative films are highly customizable offering businesses and offices an opportunity for improved branding and marketing. Decorative privacy films are available in endless colors, designs, textures, styles, opacity, and more.

By offering a wide variety of styles, colors, and finishes, Oakland Window Film has the right option for your space. Here are our most popular window film choices:

  • Tinted window film
  • Reflective film
  • Patterned & textured film
  • Frosted, etched & sandblasted film
  • Custom graphic film
  • Semi-translucent film
  • One-way opaque & two way opaque film

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