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Solar Gard Window Film For Oakland

Even though Oakland is a gorgeous place to live with plenty of sunshine year round.  Which is why window film is a great idea for homes and businesses to mitigate some of the harmful rays of the sun. Truly there is no better window film on the market today to help you protect your Oakland home or business than Solar Gard. Easily one of our most sought after films, Solar Gard has a number of residential and commercial applications.

Improve Your  Oakland Home’s Comfort With Solar Gard

Whether you’re trying to keep your home cool or control the glare from the sun during Oakland summer,  Solar Gard is a way to help you achieve your home comfort goals. Both functional and beautiful, Solar Gard window film can be customized for a variety of shades and colors including reflective and clear options. Beyond just beauty and comfort Solar Gard adds an extra layer of safety and security to your home as well–since it functions like tempered glass–keeping broken pieces in place after shattering.

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solar gard for commercial spaces

Solar Gard For Commercial Investments In Oakland

Although great for stopping glare and making your Oakland office a better place to work, one key benefit of Solar Gard for businesses is– it reduces heating and cooling costs up to 30%! In climates like Oakland, which are hot and sunny nearly all year long, applying Solar Gard could dramatically increase your bottom line through energy savings affect the comfort of your building.  Also, adding Solar Guard to your windows can also greatly increase the privacy and safety of your Oakland commercial space. Passersby won’t be able to see into the windows once the film is installed therefore your office valuables won’t be on display. Furthermore, to keep you from crimes of theft, Solar Gard makes your windows shatter-resistant and can delay a potential intruder or reduce injury from impact.

Seattle Window Film For Your Solar Gard Needs

Find a wide range of Solar Guard options at Oakland Window Film. Contact us to see which one is right for your commercial or residential needs!

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