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HDClear: Striking Decorative & Privacy Window Tint

Incredibly sharp, strikingly vibrant, uniquely versatile – these are just some of the adjectives used to describe HDClear decorative window tint. HDClear uses a unique printing process that enables them to create some of the highest quality window films on today’s market. HDClear’s wide variety of decorative window films can transform ordinary glass into a beautiful work of art while adding privacy, branding, and beauty to your home or commercial property.

HDClear Window Film Benefits

With HDClear’s wide variety of custom printed decorative window film options, both home and business owners can explore new levels of creativity. Whether you own an urban commercial development or a high rise apartment in downtown Oakland, with HDClear for your home, office, or business, you can enjoy:

Custom privacy: You don’t have to sacrifice beauty for privacy. With HDClear window film’s privacy solutions you can add color and visual intrigue to areas you need to keep private such as conference rooms, lobbies, shower areas and private offices.

Versatility: When it comes to cost-effective, fun and functional decor we think customization is key. HDClear film can be custom printed with any color, graphic, logo, or texture of your choice.

Branding: Adding branding elements to meeting rooms, entrances, lobbies, and storefronts has never been easier. Create a professional, polished look for your office while showing off your brand with HDClear window film.

HDClear Styles & Custom Options
Here at Oakland Window Film, we are honored to carry the entire product line of HDClear window films. We are proud to offer our partners access to both traditional film choices as well as all of the latest styles including the following:

  • Transparent film
  • Translucent film
  • Visually opaque film
  • Two-way decorative film
  • Frosted film
  • Decorative fades
  • 3D textures
  • Custom graphic film
  • & many other options

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Let us help you find the right HDClear decorative window tint for your Oakland home, office, school, or commercial building. Simply call Oakland Window Film to receive an estimate on HDClear installation today.

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