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Window Film for Oakland Government Buildings

Interested in keeping your visitors, staff and property safe while reducing energy costs? The Oakland Window Film team is here to help you keep your government office or building secure while protect your staff and saving you money on energy costs. From courthouses and police stations to municipal buildings and government facilities, window film offers a variety of benefits for government buildings in the Oakland area.

Benefits of Window Film for Government Buildings

Window film is an affordable and durable solution for government buildings looking to increase security and lower energy costs. Plus, window film has an incredibly quick ROI of three years or less. Learn more about the benefits of window tinting for your government office:

Increased Safety/Security: Keep your staff and buildings safe with the ultimate level of protection. Window film helps prevents theft and vandalism while mitigating the damage caused by broken glass. Window film can even make glass more resistant ballistic impact and blasts.

Energy efficiency: By helping government offices regulate temperatures more efficiently, window film can not only lower heating and cooling costs but can also improve employee productivity by creating a more comfortable work environment.

Privacy & decor: Privacy is a priority inside government facilities and window film can help add increased privacy and security for office conference rooms, meeting areas, and restrooms. In addition, window film can be printed in numerous colors and finishes which makes it is cost-effective decor solution.


Government Window Film Applications

The Oakland Window Film team is confident that we can meet the needs of any government building in the Oakland area. From to courthouses and police stations located downtown, to government offices in the surrounding areas, the following government structures can benefit from window tinting:

  • Civic centers
  • City halls
  • Fire stations
  • Police stations
  • Post offices
  • Courthouses
  • DMVs & many other buildings

Install Window Film for Your Government Building

Call the knowledgeable Oakland Window Film team and learn how you can upgrade the security, aesthetics, and energy efficiency of your government building today.

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