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C-Bond: Ballistic Resistant Window Film Systems

In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to have a disaster protection plan in place for your property. Whether you own an apartment complex, school, business, theater or industrial building, it’s important to protect your Oakland property and its occupants from danger. With a C-Bond window film system, you can feel confident that your building is protected against accidents, explosives, and other high impact forces. C-Bond window film is specifically engineered to strengthen glass by utilizing the power of nanotechnology which works to strengthen glass at the molecular level. As one of the strongest and most innovative security window systems on the market, you can provide your Oakland property with the most advanced security and disaster protection available. 

About C-Bond
How does a C-Bond system help strengthen glass? A C-Bond system of security window films uses a scientifically advanced glass primer known as C-Bond solution. This technologically advanced solution covalently bonds to glass to eliminates all microscopic flaws and defects – resulting in a stronger glass that dissipates energy from an impact. This solution also helps fill the capillary voids on glass which eliminate the presence of moisture and air. Plus, by adhering properly during installation, C-Bond window film is more effective and can expedite the cure time needed during the installation process.

C-Bond Benefits

We are proud to help business, property, and homeowners throughout the Oakland area achieve peace of mind and comfort with C-Bond security window film. Keep reading for a list of additional ways your bank, hotel, commercial property or government building can benefit from a C-Bond window system.

  • Protects against high impact, gunshots, and explosions – providing more time for occupants to flee to safety
  • Strengthens windows and glass surfaces using one of the strongest substances in the world
  • Improves film adhesion and expedites cure time for window tinting
  • Protects against accidents, intruders, blasts, and high-speed winds
  • Is a water-based, non-toxic solution that is also and environmentally friendly

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Oakland Window Film is ready to help you find the right C-Bond window tint for your property.  Not only is our team is C-Bond certified, but they know the proper techniques and procedures for this highly advanced window film application. Schedule an appointment or call our office to get more information today.

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