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Glare Reduction Film in Oakland

A Guide to Window Film Pricing in Oakland

At Oakland Window Film, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality customer service. We always strive to stay honest and transparent about our services, including our prices. The following information is meant to serve as a brief guide to window film pricing in Oakland and some guidelines for calculating the cost of a window film installation.

Selecting the Right Type & Style of Film

One of the main factors affecting the cost of a window film install is the type and style of film used. While all of the films we carry are of exceptionally high quality, they vary in their capabilities. Some films are designed to reduce heat and glare, while others are meant for decoration or security. Once you consider the goal that you hope to accomplish and the type of film you need, you should have a better idea of the cost.

Calculating Installation Costs
In addition to the type of film being used, three variables generally affect total installation costs. These include the quality of the window film, the quality of the workmanship, and the size of the project.

Film quality: While lower-quality films are generally less expensive to manufacture, they typically do not perform as well as those of higher quality. High-quality films are made using ceramics, precious metals, and other materials that allow them to work better and last longer.

Project size or intensity: The size of the installation can also affect total costs. The price will be affected if the installation is complex or requires more materials or labor. However, large commercial projects are sometimes able to receive a discount.

Artistry & warranty: The quality of the artistry should also be considered. While a smaller company may offer more affordable pricing, it may also not be as experienced or have as many staff on hand. A reputable contractor will remain consistent with deadlines, stay in communication, and likely provide a warranty with its work.

Window Film Pricing Estimates
Once you’ve gained an idea of the scope of your project and know the type of film you need, you can begin comparing prices. Here are some price estimates* for different types of film:

Spectrally selective: range from $9-18 per sq ft; used for climate control, energy efficiency, UV protection

Low-e film: costs $20 per sq ft on average; used for climate control and energy efficiency in dual climate regions

Safety/security: range from $8-16 per sq ft; used for protection against accidents and break-ins

Bullet resistant: costs around $125 per sq ft; used for protection against ballistics and severe impact

Security attachment systems: cost $2-5 per linear ft; used to hold security window film in place

Decorative: cost $6-12 per sq ft; used for privacy, decoration, and branding

*Prices vary and should only be used as a guideline for calculating estimates

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