Energy Efficiency In Historic Oakland Homes Through Window Film

Those who live in historic houses in Oakland will all tell you the same thing when it comes to energy efficiency in their homes–there is none.  These homes, although beautiful and charming, were constructed in a time when little or nothing was known about energy conservation and sustainability wasn’t even a thing yet. There are many areas in historic Oakland homes that add to poor energy efficiency but the majority of the issues likely stem from old windows.  While it stands to reason that replacing aging windows is the right solution to this problem–that could not be further from the truth.  In reality, when the cost, time and frustration of having the windows on your home replaced are taken into account, the better option for energy efficiency in older homes is actually window film.

Why Window Film Is Better Than Window Replacement For Historic Homes

Probably the most compelling reason to install window film on the windows of an older or historic home rather than replace the windows themselves is the cost.  Replacement windows for historic homes are notoriously expensive, especially because this often involves custom windows that are irregularly shaped or have outdated dimensions. The cost for these is so high in fact, that according to the National Trust For Historic Preservation:

“Replacement windows for historic homes could take 100 years or longer to pay for themselves in energy savings.”

Not surprisingly, full window replacement also takes a significant amount of manpower and potentially weeks of installation.  All this drives up the cost and irritation.  Window film, on the other hand, is relatively inexpensive, and usually complete in one day.   Even irregularly shaped windows are easy for us, at Oakland Window Film, to tackle because of our wide range of film products and application methods.   The best part is, you get all the benefits of brand new windows and possibly a few more with window film. Pound for pound window film is a simply a cleaner, more concise method that is drastically less expensive than full window replacement.

For more information on historic home window film check out this link or the video below:


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