Oakland is a vibrant city, bustling with life. Full of places to go and things to do, it strives to never be left behind. It searches for the next new thing, embracing the modern age and contributing to the future. Yet, there are many buildings that have not progressed alongside the building. You might find that yours is no exception. Help your building embrace and enhance the liveliness of Oakland with exterior resurfacing window film.

How Exterior Resurfacing Window Film Transforms Oakland Buildings

An old window can immediately date your building. External window film modernizes your building by strengthening it and improving its overall look. Best of all, it is a cheaper and quicker alternative to replacing all of your windows.

Reinforce the Building

Anything can happen to damage your building. Bad weather, intruders, vandalizers, freak accidents, etc. Give your building an extra layer of protection with exterior resurfacing window film. It is scratch-resistant, durable, and easy to clean. You could add decades to the lifespan of your building with a single installation.

Improve the Look

Old and damaged buildings benefit the most from external window film. It gives the building a fresh, modern look. It can also conceal damages from cracks, scrapes, corrosion, and other imperfections in the glass. It can even cover up graffiti and other markings. By the end of the installation, it will look like a brand new building.

Low Cost

Exterior resurfacing window film is a cost-efficient way to update your building. It is cheaper than most of its alternatives. It is also a quick process that does require major renovations, allowing you to continue business as usual inside. Window film is also energy efficient, helping to regulate the temperature of the building passively. Depending on the size and needs of your building, this could save you tens of thousands of dollars a year. You can do a rough calculation of your potential savings here!

Learn more about exterior window film here: exterior-resurfacing-film-oakland

Upgrade Your Building Today

If you own a building in Oakland, exterior resurfacing window film is just what you need to stay modern. Contact us today for a free consultation.