Much of the nation experienced different obstacles during this last year. While some parts of the country had a decrease in crime and vandalism, others experienced an unfortunate increase. For businesses with expensive surfaces, these can be very costly to repair or replace. In order to ensure your property remains safe from vandalism or even general wear-and-tear, there are limited options. When it comes to the most effective solution available, businesses should take advantage of anti-graffiti film. Here are three reasons why Oakland commercial properties should install anti-graffiti surface film.

The Benefits of Anti-Graffiti Surface Film for Your Oakland Property

  1. Conceal existing damage: Whether you have a scratched metal surface due to daily wear-and-tear in an open concept commercial kitchen or you have vandalized mirrors in your business’ restroom, anti-graffiti surface film can conceal any existing damage. This provides the best impression for your guests, giving your surfaces a fresh look.
  2. Defend against further vandalism and damage: Anti-graffiti film provides comprehensive protection against daily wear-and-tear, vandalism, graffiti, and more. The thick, durable film is strong enough to withstand acid etching and keeps your expensive surfaces free of damage. This leading solution can provide peace of mind for commercial property owners, knowing that their surfaces are fully protected.
  3. Save money with this convenient solution: This sacrificial layer provides significant savings for commercial property owners. It costs a fraction of repair and replacement costs and provides all of the same benefits. The proprietary adhesive used makes it tamperproof for the public. However, it is easy to remove and replace by a window film contractor.

Work With Oakland’s Number One Anti-Graffiti Surface Film Contractor

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