Managing a venue, arena, or stadium requires a different set of responsibilities and priorities. These large properties can hold tens of thousands of people at once, making safety and security even more important. In addition to security, marketing, branding, and comforting efforts will also need to be on the top of the radar. Window film offers a great, effective investment for optimizing these property types while offering significant savings. Here are three stadium window film options available for your Oakland venue.

The Benefits of Stadium Window Film for Your Oakland Venue

  1. Exterior building wraps: These decorative films are practically made for these venues. Exterior building wraps are completely customizable and can be installed on a variety of surfaces including textured ones. With HD printing and UV-resistant inks, you can achieve incredible designs for promoting upcoming events and better brand visibility.
  2. Safety and security window film: These are a must for stadiums and areas. Safety and security film offers comprehensive protection for your building occupants, helping mitigate broken glass hazards. From bomb blast protection to ballistic resistance, you can find incredible options for protecting against natural disasters, explosions, and even gunfire.
  3. Multi-purpose energy conservation film: Energy savings can be hard to come by for these property types. Make sure you’re saving money on energy costs while enjoying UV protection and glare reduction. UV protection offers the ultimate fade protection while glare reduction makes sure that all screen-viewing activities remain comfortable for your guests, customers, and employees.

Work With Oakland’s Preferred Stadium Window Film Expert

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