Before your Oakland commercial space becomes a victim of “tagging”– an ugly and time-consuming type of vandalism– protect it with anti-graffiti window films. By shielding surfaces, windows, and doors, you can save yourself the headache (and expense) of removal.

What Are Anti-Grafitti Films?

Anti-Graffiti Window Films are thin, transparent films that go over surfaces to prevent them from being vandalized. The thickness of the film varies depending on where it will be applied. There are also different finishes for the film to match the surface it will be placed on, such as metal, mirrors, or glass. This makes the film ideal for protecting high-risk locations like windows in public bathrooms and elevators from graffiti damage.

Best Anti-Graffiti Window Film Product Features and Benefits

The clear film provides reliable protection that is virtually unnoticeable and will not leave any surface residue. To learn more about its perks, see the information provided below.

Films for Gouge Resistance

Anti-graffiti films effectively repel people from intentionally trying to damage surfaces. The thickness and durability of the surface films are what make this possible. Gouge graffiti protection is vital for all types of areas, and these films will provide excellent coverage for vulnerable areas.

Films for Acid-etch Resistance

Some vandals use acid to etch glass surfaces. This is very destructive and difficult to remove because it changes the composition of the glass. However, anti-graffiti films o prevent this type of damage by acting as a barrier between the glass and the corrosive substance. If marked, the film can be quickly removed and replaced for a fraction of the cost of replacing an entire windowpane.

Films for Scratch-Resistance

Scratched-up mirrors in commercial bathrooms are not only an eyesore but also expensive to replace. Anti-graffiti films can be applied to vulnerable surfaces like these mirrors so that even if the film is scratched, the mirror below will not be damaged. This saves Oakland commercial property owners time and money in maintenance and replacement costs while also keeping their bathrooms looking clean and professional.

Graffiti Removal Professionals in Oakland

If you’re looking for a way to protect your surfaces from graffiti, look no further than anti-graffiti films. These amazing surface films can be applied to surfaces after they’ve been attacked by vandals, and they can help you save money and keep your building’s reputation intact. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you implement these great products.


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