Protect Your Oakland Religious Facility With Safety And Security Films

In the world we live in today safety and security concerns for our religious institutions are ever increasing. Which is why utilizing the best technologies on the market today to protect your church, synagogue or temple, is a very good idea and could mean the difference between remaining safe during an attack and the unimaginable.  The most vulnerable part of any building to attack are its glass windows and doors.  Even tempered glass is readily penetrated, allowing a would-be attacker unchecked access to hurt your congregation. Some churches have taken to hiring armed guards for protection but this still leaves a number entry point open.  The most potent defense of your Oakland religious facility’s glass entry points is to have safety and security films applied to them.

High Tech Window Film Safety Solutions From Oakland Window Film

At Oakland Window Film, we carry the some of the most high-tech safety window films on the market today.  Backed by the technology from 3M and Eastman Chemical, they will slow down an attacker for seconds to minutes from gaining entry through church windows or doors.  Even after shooting or striking the glass many times, the attacker will not immediately penetrate the glass, allowing your congregation precious seconds to escape, and also allowing for first responders to arrive.  While no window film makes a window fully “bulletproof”, safety and security films, like those treated with C-Bond adhesive, are as close as you can get-requiring a number of shots or blows to fully penetrate, like in this video.

C-Bond For The Strongest Window Film Glass Protection

When looking for the very highest level of security films for your Oakland religious facility, it is important to note– films treated with C-Bond adhesive offer the best level of safety available.  They work on a molecular level to make glass more flexible and strong, even making windows resistant to the incredible impact of a bomb blast.

Bomb Blast Film for the Ultimate Protection

Bomb Blast window films take the idea of security to the next level. These thicker films share many of the same properties as safety and security films but are also expertly engineered to prevent flying glass as well.  This causes dramatically less human injury in the event of an explosion. These films and sold in coordination with special attachment systems to ensure that glass, while still shattering, remains in or near the window after a bomb blast.

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Whether your project includes an entire religious campus, or simply a small chapel, we, at Oakland Window Film, invite you to contact us today to learn more about how our Safety and Security window films might be able to provide your organization with peace of mind.