Elevators are a significant part of buildings and are actually required for all property types with four or more levels. While elevators do serve an essential purpose for a variety of reasons, they can be very expensive in regards to maintenance and care. This is especially true for elevators located in high foot traffic areas or areas that are prone to vandalism and crime. Whenever an elevator requires cosmetic work, it often needs to be shut down and inspected for recommissioning, leading to further expenses. In order to keep your Oakland elevator in the best condition possible and avoid unnecessary costs and downtime, surface film offers an effective solution that any property owner can take advantage of.

The Benefits of Metal Shield Surface Film for Your Oakland Property’s Elevator

Metal Shield is a specialty surface film developed by Graffiti Shield. This revolutionary product works by concealing existing damage while defending against new threats. The high durability offers resistance against scratches, vandalism, and even acid etching. The sacrificial layer is meant to take the impact of all damages and can be easily removed and replaced by a professional window film contractor. Available in a variety of finishes, Metal Shield delivers a seamless, invisible way to hide any damage in order to provide the most presentable condition of your elevator. This supports a better guest experience, the best perception of your property, and significant savings.

Work With Oakland’s Preferred Metal Shield Specialist

Oakland Window Film is proud to be the preferred Metal Shield surface specialist serving the Northern California area. Our team of professional window film contractors is happy to help you find the right investment for saving money. This incredible investment is tamperproof and can only be removed by one of our contractors. For more information regarding our surface film options available for your elevator and other expensive surfaces in your commercial property, please contact us!