Hardwood floors are notorious for the incredible amount of work they take to stay beautiful.  The trade-off for such a lovely design element is definitely constant stewardship.  Here in Oakland where we see a lot of the gorgeous California sunshine, this is even more true.  Left unattended the hardwood floors in your Oakland home will change color, fade and even become brittle and cracked.  There are many proposed solutions to hardwood floor fading and although some may have a minor effect, none is as powerful as UV blocking window film.

Hardwood Floor Fading:  Solutions that Simply Won’t Work

There are many purported solutions to window film but sadly, most of them are not very effective. 

Blinds and Curtains for Hardwood Floor Fading:  While blinds and curtains do block the sun from shining on your Oakland hardwood floors to some degree–they don’t stop it all.  Blinds are the best of the two options since they are made of non-transmissible material most of the time.  However, light peaks through the slats and out the sides, and that light will damage your floors over time.  Curtains allow UV light in so they do almost nothing to stop the fading process

Floor Finishes to Stop Hardwood Floor Fading:  While there are some water-based floor finishes that will retard the fading and color changing of hardwood–none is 100% effective.  Even with the finish applied regularly (which makes for a lot of work), your Oakland floor will fade dramatically over the years. 

Rearranging Furniture to Stop Hardwood Floors From Fading:  Sure, moving the furniture around your home will stop the telltale signs of your floors fading where the couch or rug was blocking the sun.  However, not all homes can be rearranged and this could leave you will an unsightly calico pattern of faded and non-faded parts. 

The Best Solution to Stop Hardwood Floors From Fading

By far the most proven and effective way to stop your Oakland home’s hardwood floors from fading is with window film.  It is an affordable and easy to install solution to this problem.  This is because it stops the cause of fading, UV rays, from ever entering your home.  In fact, window film blocks 99.9% of the UV rays that deteriorate floors, furnishings, upholstery artwork, and more.  This means when you have this technology applied to your Oakland windows–you have the peace of mind that your floors will stay beautiful for years to come. 

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