Chances are, if you turn on the news, you’re bound to hear at least one or two stories about vehicle collisions. But did you know that birds get into collisions too? It’s true, though they’re a different type of accident. These types of collisions are caused by birds flying into windows. And, unfortunately, they’re just as common, if not more so, than car crashes. Approximately one billion birds die in this manner every year, a sad but true figure.

But the good news is, there’s now a solution that can put it all to an end. By installing bird collision prevention window film for Oakland properties, we can greatly reduce the number of bird glass collisions that happen in Central California each year.

How Can Bird Collision Prevention Window Film Protect Birds in California?

Bird collision prevention window film is a window treatment designed to keep birds from crashing into glass. Usually made of polyester or vinyl, these films are very durable so that they can be mounted on building exteriors and endure all types of weather. A specialty design is printed on the film that warns birds about clear glass areas in front of them that are hard to see. They see the pattern and realize that flying into the window is dangerous, so they fly around.

Benefits of Installing Bird Safety Film for your Property

Installing bird collision prevention window film for your Oakland property is a great way to keep birds around you safe. These window films can be used for both residential and commercial buildings and offer the property owner a lot of advantages such as:

  • Accident prevention: Patterned and textured window films such as bird safety film can do a lot to prevent accidents. They keep people from walking or driving into glass walls that are difficult to see.
  • Less glare: As an added benefit, many bird safety films also reduce glare. This makes it easier for people inside the building to work on their computer or watch tv.
  • Eco-friendly: Bird safety films are an eco-friendly decision because they both keep birds safe and reduce energy use. In this way, they protect wildlife and help conserve natural resources.

Learn more about the benefits by reading this brochure: bird-collision-prevention-window-film-oakland

Speak to an Expert About Bird Safety Film

Installing bird collision prevention window film for your Oakland property is a compassionate and caring decision. You can get started with the process today by calling our office to book an appointment!

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