Oakland businesses have always experienced a higher rate of vandalism, property crime, burglary, and theft. The high crime statistic that circles Oakland, unfortunately, stays consistent, making it significant for business owners to be proactive with their security measures. Even though security systems and security cameras can help assist in deterring crime, they don’t always work in every circumstance– especially smash-and-grab robberies. Impact protection window film delivers the solution that every business requires.

Benefits of Impact Protection Window Film for Your Oakland Business

Impact protection window film is the best preventative measure when it comes to smash-and-grab robberies. This durable security film works by keeping broken glass fragments together safely secured within the window frame. Impact protection window film makes it incredibly difficult for burglars or assailants to gain access to your property– the loud commotion caused draws unwanted attention combined with the significant time it takes to penetrate through the glass makes impact protection window film an excellent way to stop smash-and-grab robberies. Impact protection window film also defends against natural disasters, break-ins, freak accidents, and more. Oakland business owners can rest assured that this cost-effective solution offers around-the-clock protection even when they’re not there. Impact protection window film is also available with the added benefits of energy savings, UV protection, glare reduction, privacy, and decor.

Installation Process for Impact Protection Window Film for Oakland Businesses

Oakland Window Film has worked with numerous local businesses in their effort to save money and protect their property. We’re happy to provide free consultations for all of our commercial clients and assist you in finding the perfect window film investment for your business. Our team of security experts always deliver the most time-conscious and discreet installations in order to minimize downtime.

For more information regarding impact protection window film for your Oakland business, please contact us!