You’ve put countless hours and an indescribable amount of effort into starting your own business. That’s why there’s nothing more distressing than having your property broken into or vandalized. However, as a business in one of the highest crime cities in the country, these types of situations are almost unavoidable. Unless you have a security window film in place.

Case studies have shown that business owners can effectively ward off vandals and robbers and keep their Oakland property safe with security window film application. And we’ve got the details on all the best security window film products.

Understanding Crime Rates in Oakland

Oakland is notorious for crime. While not all areas of Oakland are dangerous, there’s no denying that it’s a high crime city. In 1983, the National Journal referred to Oakland as the “1983 crime capital” of the Bay Area.

In 2007, 120 murders were recorded in Oakland. Today, chances of being a victim of violent crime are about 1 in 70.

Even in safer neighborhoods, residents and businesses still have to be careful about the people coming through the area and take measures to guard their property.

The Best Security Window Film Options

Installing security window film is a great way to protect your Oakland commercial property from crime. Security window films are very affordable and easy to install. The benefits are numerous, from accident mitigation to natural disaster and vandalism protection.

If you’re a business owner in Oakland, here are some security window films you should definitely consider investing in:

Graffiti Shield – Graffiti Shield window films are, to say the least, revolutionary. These window films provide a solution the decades old problem of vandalism. Sort of like a magic marker or white out, Graffiti Shield films discreetly cover graffiti. And like a thick shield of armor, they help protect the area underneath.

3M Safety and Security Window Film – 3M Security Window Films provide comprehensive protection. Reliable and affordable, these window films deter everything from intruders to high speed winds, blasts, and natural disasters.

C-Bond – For the ultimate protection, consider C-Bond Window Film Systems. C-Bond Window Film Systems are the leading ballistic resistant window film on the market and are the security film of choice for government and military buildings.

Install Security Window Film

Protect your property with security window film. Call Oakland Window Film today to schedule an appointment for installation services.