The Variety Of Ways Window Film Keeps Oakland Homes Safer

Window film is an amazing improvement for homeowners sheerly because of the benefits that stem from installing it: energy savings and glare reduction included. However,  it is also a very effective method of keeping homes safer from all sort of dangers too. The ways in which window film works to protect are copious but one common denominator– window film provides a more secure place for your family to thrive. Moreover, window film is a relatively low-cost home improvement that saves money and keeps homeowners safer– putting it among the top home improvements money can buy.  Find out more below all the incredible ways window film will keep you safer in your Oakland home.

Home Window Film For Home Invasion Protection In Oakland

Safety & Security Film is a strong but invisible layer of protection against home invasion. Like laminated glass, it is engineered to make the window glass shatter-resistant. This is effective because, when an intruder tries to break a window in your home, the broken glass stays firmly adhered to the film and the window cannot be easily be penetrated.  This means the would-be thief cannot enter your home without a lot of time and effort–which they simply don’t have before police arrive.

Home Window Film As A Safety Glass Alternative

Building codes in Oakland often times require tempered or laminated glass for “dangerous” glass features. These are places where a slip and fall could result in glass shattering and hurting or even killing someone: glass doors, bathroom glass, windows, balconies, staircase glass. Bringing these areas up to code is often required when remodeling your home but remember–installing expensive tempered glass is not your only option.   Window film satisfies the safety glass requirement and is an affordable workaround for installing tempered, safety or laminated glass.

Home Window Film For Sun Protection

Research suggests that  UV rays, like the ones that shine through untreated home windows, may have numerous many negative impacts on health such as:

  • Premature skin aging and wrinkles
  • Collagen damage
  • Skin cancer
  • Eye cancer and disease

This means the UV rays shining through your Oakland’ homes windows, could, in fact, be increasing risks to your family’s health. Since glass alone will not stop harmful UV, UVA or UVB rays, having window film installed, is a good way to keep your family protected, as, it blocks 99.9% of harmful rays and offers the same protection as an SPF 2000 sunscreen.

Window Film For Natural Disaster Protection

Oakland has some pretty great weather but earthquakes are the reality here.  During an earthquake flying glass and debris is one of the most devastating and deadly side effects. Window film greatly reduces the risk of injury from natural disasters like earthquakes and storms. By preventing flying shards of broken glass it mitigates potential injuries due to earthquakes and other natural disasters.

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See the power of security film for yourself below in this video: